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Sissy Training Blog

Sissy Boy For An Ebony Goddess.

I was on a business trip in London for a few months and was my first time in this city. I didn’t know anyone. Every day after work I would sit in the same bar and have a beer, in the hopes of meeting a dominant woman who I can worship and...

 'Fun Times at Halloween'

It was almost Halloween and I was stumped for a costume. I was excited, tonight was the annual Delta Kappa Halloween Bash, the biggest fraternity party of the year. All the Greeks got dressed up for this party, even those not in DK.

I headed dow...

Sissy stories: Sissy sessions with Mistress Nicole after university lectures

Every afternoon after university, I slip away from my friends and run with delight to Miss Nicole’s. It was always the same excuse – I was feeling unusually too tired for soccer practice. As I...

Sissy stories: Sissy training with Mistress Nicole BDSM story

Mistress Nicole doesn’t just train any sissy. You have to be worth her time. Which means anyone who makes it into Mistress Nicole’s dungeon as a sissy trainee can consider themselves the goddamned luckiest si...

June 5, 2018

Sissy story: How to be a perfect sissy maid slave to a female BDSM Pro Domme Dominatrix

Being a sissy slave to a pro-Domme is easier said than done. You do not have to just sit there and look beautiful, you have to make sure you serve your Dominatrix properly with love...

Sissy stories: Earning the chance to wear Mistress Nicole's panties
Damon lay on the bed, prepared for what was to come. He was dressed in leather strings and a see through lacy bra, listening to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. He yearned for the sight of the rose panties....

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