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08 October 2018

My doctors appointment was booked for 09:30/08. “My male name” was announced so that I might walk forward to be greeted by the doctor now standing in Reception. Of course on standing the female doctor smiled as she was caught slightly unawares.

I simply followed behind her into the consultation room and begun to explain I had wanted to Trans Gender to a woman. The discussion was fairly brief as she seemed to acce...

01 October 2018

Returned from being with my Mistress in London. Times was 05:30 and I was just so excited having been tied up and spanked. Wanted even more but knew I had tasks to complete before Mistress might permit me another visit.

Read a little on raw vegan food. Made a smoothie which was just so yummy.

2xBanana 1xAvocada 2x mugs of Blueberries Water to taste. All in Viatmix Blender and hey presto your smoothie was ready. Su...

Having watched “Sissy Cuckold Transformation” on I was so sexually excited. I watched repeatedly and one evening I played with myself so many times that I could not ejaculate any more and yet I still continued to try and cum again to no avail. So many feelings and deeply buried emotions were aroused inside me once again and brought to the surface. I deleted all my internet history so many times. I really tried...

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