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Becoming a woman for a transgender female who has been assigned male by birth can be an extremely challenging transition for many transgender women. The society expects certain behaviors from both men and women alike as an indication or validation of gender. From the talking to walking, sitting, table manners, etc., people place certain expectations on women different from men. Thus, cross-dressing as a female doesn’t entirely make you female. The sexy clothes, heels, handbags, earrings, etc. do not make a woman. There are certain feminization tips, however, that can enhance your feminine image, boost your confidence and project you as a female, even at first sight.
Unlearning your masculine walk will take some time to do, but with much practice it is achievable. Some tips to help you are reeled out below.
1. Observe how women walk. Go to places where there are many women and observe their movement. You can watch movies too. Observe their arms swinging, the coordination of their arms and legs, their carriage, etc.
2. Women’s arms swing farther out when walking and they don’t hit their hips. To achieve this, practice putting your arms down at your side and rotate your hands 450 away from your body, thus making your forearms to face forward.
3. Naturally, men have a more muscular and larger shoulder than women. When walking, men hunch their shoulders forward, while women tend to draw their shoulders backward. To achieve this, practice standing in front of the mirror and hunch your shoulders forward and backward a couple of times each day.
4. Women have wider pelvises than men and a more general fat distribution around the hip region that gives them the characteristic swaying motion when they walk. Depending on your age, hormones can enhance a higher fat distribution around the hip region. When you walk, put one foot in front of the other to achieve the characteristic swaying hip of women. Overdoing this, however, can make you look effeminate.
5. Walk confidently with your head help up; don’t look down on the ground. Make eye contact with people and smile with your lips closed or partly opened.
The main difference between the male and female voice is the pitch. Compared with women, men have much longer and thicker vocal cords which explain the characteristic deep voice of men. Some feminization tips for raising your pitch are.
6. Take a deep breath and emit an audible sigh (like ‘Haaa’) as high as you can go without breaking into falsetto (unusually high pitch by men). You can also deliberately go into falsetto and slide down into a comfortable pitch. With much practice, your vocal cords will get accustomed to this.
7. Unlike men, women tend to have an inconsistent intonation when speaking (known as modulation). Practice this by reading sentences and taking a short breathe where there is a comma. Listen to women on TV (especially news-casters) and note their phrasing and modulation when they speak.
Women have a sitting captivating and graceful sitting posture known as ‘the lady-like sitting elegance’ unlike men who sit ‘casually’ with their legs apart. Practice the following sitting habits.
8. Sit down gently, slowly lowering yourself into the seat. Don’t be in a rush to sit. The thighs of your back leg should carry your weight and not your knees.
9. Sit up straight and tall with your hands placed together on your laps.
10. Never sit with your legs apart. If you have to cross your legs at the knee, make sure that you are wearing a long skirt. It is best to cross your legs at the ankle if you are wearing something short.
Learning to behave like a woman is a very demanding male to the female transgender transition process. But with determination and much practice, it is achievable. The key here is practice, practice and more practice.

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