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Guest writer: Sissy training and Forced Feminization

This Is How To Perfect ‘Forced Feminization’

Almost every single one of us have those kinky sex fantasies. The definition of a ‘good sex’ is distinct for all of us. While some be a part of it to simply cater their libido; whereas, others get involved to effectuate those kinky moves and have roles plays, that give us immense pleasure and aesthetic orgasm.

Amongst such diversity of the sexual acts, there lies a world of forced feminization. While forcing or dominating someone is always amusing; because you are at the liberty to make them do whatever you want and whatever you wish to, adding a ‘feminization’ factor to the subjugating acts makes it even more fun.

Though it is a western thing, feminization is not much recognised in every country. The westerner is glad to accept every person’s preferences, but that is not the case with every country. Not all of them allow their men to dress up like women be the next best possible sexual menace, that everyone will beg to have. For even more details and becoming a professional and an ace in this world, you can step in at

The exploding popularity of this fantasy

Forced feminization can be deemed as a part of all the BDSM acts, domination sex or even the homosexual sex action, that we see in the porn. The feminized men are usually indistinct and are often to make out if it’s a man or a woman. They are the best dressed persona in the crowd, with alluring assets and often prepossessing enough to have that eye catching beauty.

Basically this category requires real, genetic men to act, walk and talk like ladies. Their inner garments and the casuals, are just what any usual lady would wear. So the next time you see the thongs sneaking off, from the muscular thighs, you know who it is. These feminise men often seek edification to vanquish the alleged feminine style. Likewise, there are handful places, online and offline, from where, one could acquire knowledge in a facile way. There are professionals who are ready to impart knowledge on such things and unfold the best secrets, so that the wiling men may know the sorcery of forced feminization.

This category has, however, flunk to proliferate owing the acceptance of third gender by the citizens. Most of the men even take it to another echelon and get their male genitals replaced with a female’s. Of course that puts their intense obsession for playing the feminine role during intercourse, on the display. Under the same context, there are people, who do not give a ready, green signal to this activity and view them as obnoxious evils of the society. Its high time that they get they get out of their and cocoons and realize that their constrained perception will hardly push anyone from tapering their love for anything.

Tips to help you succeed in this field

Now that you are puffed up with awe and already willing to give it a try, it will not be a duck soup to reach to the very top from the fresher level. There are just a handful professionals, ready to invest their time and make you cognizant of the underlying basics of this fantasy world. However, we have a bunch of areas on which you will be required to pay extra heed and will surely take you a long way in this flabbergasting journey:

  • The cardinal of all: when it comes down to what we tag as the most beautiful, it is the face and through the beauty that most of us judge. Likewise, enhancing your facials and loosening your pocket on some good makeup will make you look even more luring. Getting laid with the most beautiful woman is what every man dreams of. So step your game, bring out those shades and a bold lip colour, and you are ready to stomp those libidos.

  • The assets are another crucial part: not all men may grow breasts and have that lusty, popping out set of racks. But through certain steroids and if you have a ceaseless love for getting your tits sucked, then even by surgical methods, you can have those lady boobs, and guess what, you can even have better than the ladies. Isn’t it already igniting!

  • Maintenance for staying in the long run: once you have transformed, you will have men and even women begging at your feet. So to keep up with the enticing body, stay fit, exercise, do yoga and eat healthy.

  • Abiding by the professional advices: the professionals actually hold some dep buried sorcery, that will give you the most required push. So comply with every word they tell you and make note of every secret being unfolded.

Hitting the conclusion, it is not only for men who want to moan and gratify the other half male; but also for typical – male female couples, who want to experience it. For those looking for complete transformation in the forced feminization world, can mull over their choice accordingly and proceed, accordingly. This might be an irreversible process, so you might want to give a thought to the aftermath and the patience involved. Even after leaving the feminine aspects of you, there will be traces of a female always lingering and popping up from time to time. So contemplate and then make a move, because this world will make you a God amongst the others vying for a bosting sex.

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