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Interview As A Sissy Slave

Interview As A Sissy Slave

I was anxious when I got an email from a known Mistress for a personal interview to be her sissy slave. It was what I have always dreamed of since I plunged into this new lifestyle. I have to be perfect for Mistress. I have to impress her to be her sissy slave.

Appearance always counts is what I always remind myself during interviews, dress to impress. Should I go en femme? That was the big question. She was offering me a chance to be her sissy slave so I think it would be sensible to look the part. Although, if I go en femme like some silly sissy who just wants to play dress up games I could risk losing her interest. On the other hand if I go dressed like I am being interviewed for a managerial position I could lose her interest even worse! It was a dilemma that kept running in my head the whole day. And I had no idea what the Mistress expects from me. I thought of a simple solution to just compromise.

It is always expected that a sissy slave should be smooth. I stood naked in front of the mirror and began to shave every bit of body hair on me. A good sissy slave should be as smooth as a girl at all times for her Mistress. Checking every nook and cranny just to make sure I did not miss any spot of wayward hair on my body. Next I grab a bottle of moisturizer. I have to keep my skin moisturized to keep it soft. I squeezed moisturizer on my hands and started massaging everywhere that needed to be soft, pink and feminine, my arms, my feet, making sure not to forget each toe, my legs and going up to my thighs. I gave special attention to the whole length of my legs, going up and down to make them really soft and smooth. Then it was around my clitty and between the folds of my scrotum taking care not to get hard. This I found became a difficult situation. But if I were to impress the Mistress in this interview I have to be as desperate and horny as possible to say I really want to be her sissy slave. I can feel the waves of pleasure as my hands went up and down my clitty. I had to control myself not to go on. I had to wait on until my clitty was soft and girly again and then I finished moisturizing the rest of my body.

I chose a baby pink cotton panties with an adorably irresistible black silk trim and a cute little black bow just above my clitty. Next I fished out the matching bra and slipped it on. I was just an A-cup and there was nothing to fill it, but a good sissy slave has to be in her proper underwear. And lastly, a pair of black stockings with a satin trim. I carefully rolled them over my well moisturized smooth girly legs going up to my thighs, making sure that every seam was straight. Now to get to the place where I had to meet the Mistress I had to cover all this up in a nice simple shirt and jeans. I had to wear a thin sweater just to make sure no one noticed my bra straps, and a nice pair of shoes. Voila! Now if the Mistress would be disappointed of what I was wearing I could just strip and show off the sissy slave underneath the guy clothes. I feel so naughty thinking that no one knows about the sissy slut underneath.

Of course, no sissy is complete without her make up, but I wanted to keep it low key this time. I don’t want to look like a circus clown in this important interview. I brushed a bit of foundation over my face and just a light blush to give some color to my cheeks. Anyone would think I am just a bit flushed. Then I slid a stick of mascara and a soft pink lipstick in my pocket to retouch a bit when I get to the bar where I was to meet the Mistress. For the final touch a wig. I always wore a short brunette bob. I know it wasn’t too girly but it didn’t ruin the whole guy façade either, which was good for me.

Standing back from the mirror to check my overall look, I didn’t look bad. With the proper jeans and the button-down shirt it was formal enough to suggest I was going to an interview meeting. But the wig and the light makeup set me a little bit androgynous. I was squirming with pleasure with the thought of my hidden secrets; I can be her sissy slave slut in a snap.

When I got to the bar it was starting to get packed with people. I started eyeing the room to spot the Mistress. Then a strong firm hand landed on my shoulder which made me look behind me to see a broad chest. I had to look up to see the face of a man with chiseled profile. Then in a stern voice he said, “This way sissy” and led me to a booth on the side of the bar. As I slid into the seat of the booth, I could not help but stare at the woman already sitting there. She was just stunning. She had a river of black hair flowing to her back. Her skin was golden and it seemed to glow in the light. Her eyes were dark and smoking. Her full lips were shimmering plump ruby reds. She was a goddess and I could just feel the electricity running all over me with just sitting across from her. I was ready to be a sissy slave for this goddess, my queen, my Mistress. From her phone, she looked up to me and raised one slim finger to signal for me to wait a moment. I did not mind. I was enthralled by her beauty.

After she finished using her phone, she looked at me with serious scrutinizing eyes. I could just feel how sharp those piercing dark eyes were, checking my profile. I had to lower my eyes and just feel vulnerable to her close scrutiny that seemed to last minutes. The seemingly awkward silence was broken by the guy earlier who now brought us a bottle of red wine and 2 glasses, and poured it in each glass. The Mistress slid one glass towards me and sternly said, “Drink.” And I saw her raise her glass to her ruby red lips and took a sip of wine. I did the same, not wanting to disappoint her.

“In this interview,” as she began to say in a chillingly serious voice, “I have to remind you that you are not YET my slave. So we are still equals here. I want you to be truthful and direct with me. I want to know all your thoughts. And I want you to be yourself. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.” As I slowly meekly nod and took another sip of my wine.

“As I said, we are still equals,” she could not hide the stress and disappointment on her voice.

“Sorry. I just thought... I… I had to address you properly. Sorry.” Then she raised one perfectly arched eyebrow.

“I have no desire of a play partner. I want a slave. A sissy slave. So I have to study each prospect carefully before making my final decision.” She leaned forward to hold my hand. Her hand is so delicate and soft but had a certain firmness to it. Warm and yet it sent shivers up my spine. “I want to be clear what a slave is for me. If you will be successful in being my sissy slave, you will cook for me, clean for me and you will service me sexually.” The thought of servicing her rang through my clitty. I had to control myself not to blow this interview and make a good impression on her. She went on, “you will eat cock and pussy. You’ll take it in the ass. And if you are a good sissy slave I will let you squirt.” And she paused, looking at me intently. “For my part, I will keep a roof over your head, keep you fed and clothed. I will help you become the girl you were always meant to be. Is that something you would like?”

I gave her my earnest smile and said, “Yes I would love that. It would be a dream come true to serve a goddess. A mistress who can control me but at the same time help me achieve what I have always wanted.” With that she gave me a sweet sincere smile.

She gently squeezed my hand and continued, “I want you to think this through first. You will be my sissy slave. This will not be a game that ends once we are both spent. You will have no freedom save what I give you. You will have no luxury save what I give you. You will have no clothes save what I give you. And this will be your life until you die. Is that what you want, a life of servitude?”

“It is all I ever wanted,” I told her, “For years, all I ever wanted was to be told what to do and be good at it. To make someone happy with what I do. I don’t want to be a weekend hobby in between days at the office. I don’t want to fade as I get older. I want to serve for life.”

With this she smiled again and looked genuinely pleased with my answer.

Then she slowly pulled her hand back and leaned back on the booth, crossing her arms in front of her. “Tell me, do you have your clitty safely locked away right now?”

“Uhm… no…” I felt ashamed at this. I did not know I was expected to do this.

“You naughty girl.” With that she wagged her finger at me and slowly shook her head. “Are you even properly dressed underneath those clothes?” I proudly nodded my head. It was a good thing to trust my instincts. Then she kicked me on the shin and said, “Well? Let’s see it!” I slowly started unbuttoning my shirt, thinking about the other people who might be looking at me. “Don’t be shy. I know there’s a whore somewhere there waiting to get out of those clothes.” I was about to unbuckle my belt when she said, “You don’t have to strip.” And I buckle my belt back on. Sitting there shirtless, I am feeling shy with all the people in the bar. They’re probably staring at this guy in a pink bra sitting across from this alluring woman. I guess she noticed my being uncomfortable and told me to put my shirt back on but unbuttoned.

“You look hot you know. And I expect you to be proud of what you are. Now sit up straight.” I straightened my shoulders and stuck my chest out. She seemed very pleased when I did this. “You have good taste. I like the touch of black silk with the pink. You were truly born to be a sissy. And I assume you are properly dressed down below too?”

“A matching pink panties with black silk trim and black stockings mm…” I had to stop myself and remind not to call her mistress. She was nodding slowly in approval. However, I was a bit disappointed of not showing her what I was wearing underneath my jeans.

“Tell me, have you ever kissed a man?” she leaned forward and gave me a sly smile.


“Do you want to?”

“Of course,”

“That guy behind the bar has been checking you out when you took off your shirt. I want you to go to him and beg for a kiss.” I was surprised at this task. I felt shy looking at the guy in the bar. He actually looked good. I guess if I really wanted to be her sissy slave I would have to impress her. I raise my glass to take a sip of my wine, “uh uh uh… courage comes from within.” And I lowered my glass. I slid out of my seat and mustered all my courage to walk up to the bar. I stood behind him while he was doing something in the bar then I said, “Hey!” And the bar guy turned around surprised to see me and gave me a little shy smile.


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