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Sissy Boy For An Ebony Goddess.

Sissy Boy For An Ebony Goddess.

I was on a business trip in London for a few months and was my first time in this city. I didn’t know anyone. Every day after work I would sit in the same bar and have a beer, in the hopes of meeting a dominant woman who I can worship and play with me. But I go back to my apartment empty handed and feeling more alone. I guess no one likes this white boy. I blame my boyish looks, I look just too young to be 30. At times I would be asked an ID to enter a bar! With my boyish looks, I could easily pass to be androgynous. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a sissy boy for a tough mistress.

My daily routine was interrupted when an ebony woman walked in the bar. She was like a goddess. Everyone in the room seemed to disappear. I don’t know if I was breathing when I saw her. Her radiance just filled the room! I could hear my heart pounding as she seemed to walk towards me. Impossible! She can’t be interested in me, my pale skin, my mop of a hair, my uninteresting face. But this alluring ebony woman is staring at me and she is drawing closer and closer. Her piercing dark eyes locked with mine, I can’t seem to look away from her eye as if hypnotized by her. She was just a like a goddess. And she stopped just in front of me and was staring down at me as if waiting, expecting something from me.

“Well? Aren’t you gonna pull out a chair for me?” She said authoritatively. I pulled out a chair for her and went back to my seat. “I didn’t tell you to sit.” I was just surprised at this but apologized and stood up again then bowed my head and asked permission to sit. Of course I did not forget my manners and asked her if she would like anything.

Through the night this ebony goddess was asking me about the extent of my BDSM experiences. Seriously I haven’t really done much, just a bit of spanking and being humiliated a bit by my ex who was my domme for a few years, other than that nothing really exciting. She was studying me while I talked about myself. I wanted to ask about her, to get to know her too. But I was afraid of her.

Just before she left, she slid her calling card across to me and said, “I want you to be there tomorrow afternoon and I expect you to be fully shaved and as smooth as a baby girl.” I was confused by what she meant by that and I think she saw my questioning look, “I want you to be my little sissy boy. If you like the idea of being my little sissy boy, come to me tomorrow.”

There was a small feeling of anxiety but more on excited that she picked me to be her sissy boy. I fully shaved my body effortlessly, as if there was plenty of body hair to begin with. I massaged my feet, legs up to my thighs with moisturizer then my arms, paying more attention to my elbows and my hands. I love how my bare skin rubbed to my jeans and cream shirt. It sent electric sparks all over my body, making my little clitty excited.

Went I go to the Mistress’ apartment, I was surprised with all her “furniture”. There was a big wooden X on one side with cuffs on all ends. There was a red leather bench with chains and cuffs. At one side there were different kinds of floggers, whips, canes of some sort. I feel like I am out of my league here. Clearly I know nothing about this lifestyle. And my Mistress, my queen, this ebony goddess, was going to make me her sissy boy!

She came out from a room and held out a box for me. Inside the box wrapped in pink tissue was a pair of frilly bubblegum pink panties and matching bra. “I think this color will look good on your pale skin. Now stand up and put them on!” I stood up from the blood red leather couch, unsure where to go to change. “What are you waiting for sissy boy?”

“Uhm… where should I change please Mistress?”

“Shy sissy boy? I want you to be comfortable with stripping in front of me from now on. You will be my slutty sissy boy from now on.”

And I was just excited to try my very first set of lingerie. She pulled me in front of the mirror, “now let’s begin your training my slutty sissy boy.”

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