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Forced Feminization Stories That Keeps the Man Sane

September 2, 2018

I love traveling to different places, thanks to my generous slaves. I love meeting people from different kink communities and getting to know the different cultures, observing the differences with each kink community. Sharing tips and swapping stories. For a pro-domme like me I love hearing about forced feminism stories from other dommes and slaves alike. Dommes love turning their macho slaves into sissies, every domme has her own forced feminization stories to share. 


One of the forced feminization stories I love to share to male subs who wants me to be their mistress is about my American football star. He's 6-foot 5 inches of pure muscle and oozing with machismo. Girls are literally throwing themselves at him and swoon with just one look from him. Seriously no one would have guessed he was a slave, my slave. He was dating girls but he always enjoyed his secret life in servitude to yours truly. No one knew he loves getting his ass whipped and walking him at events, showing him off, treating him like a dog, my bitch. He admits that me humiliating him keeps him grounded. I guess it balances out with the fame and recognition that he gets back in the States. To humiliate him further, I made him my sissy maid. I love seeing him in a skimpy French maid costume all dolled up with pink cheeks and lips, watching him bend over in the apartment cleaning every nook and cranny. I must admit I always find it hot, his little short skirt trying to hide that perfectly shaped ass. I can't help myself but to spank it every chance I get. I love to tell the subs how I claimed his glorious ass. And how he wailed and cried as I rammed my strap on and pounded his ass to my satisfaction. After that he admitted he had never felt so humiliated and emasculated in his life. However, it brought him closer to me. I guess it made him feel good about himself because he has been my slave for over 3 years now. It's one of the forced feminism stories that I am truly proud of.


There was one slave who made the mistake of defying his mistress and to make matters worse for him, challenged his mistress after! The slave was supposed to buy a pair of heels for his sissy training. He was giving his mistress excuses. Of course the mistress will have none of it. So the mistress bought the heels herself! Then the bratty slave said it's pretty easy to walk on heels he didn't need practice for it. The mistress told him to go up to the 4th floor apartment in heels using the stairs in a given amount of time. The bratty slave was not able to finish the challenge because his feet and calves ached when he was only halfway up! As punishment the mistress called her other domme friends and took their turns on him with their own strap ons. That's one of the forced feminization stories every slave has to hear. Do not defy your mistress. Negotiate but never go against her will.


Perhaps one of the horrifying forced feminization stories is about a guy who got lost in Mexico. He was drugged for several days and woke up with a pain on his chest. When he touched his chest he was shocked to feel breasts on him! They were not just breasts, they were D cups! You could just imagine the shock of this guy. To add to his horror he was forced to suck and gag on the huge cock of his new master while being choked, apart from the usual cross dressing training regimen for sissies. The guy was said to be a closet gay so it was only a matter of time till he becomes som


eone's sissy.


Forced feminization stories are like children's bedtime stories that the parents read to their kids at night to scare them. In every story is a lesson to be learned. In all the forced feminization stories the number one lesson is do not get on your mistress' bad side. Then she will not be forced to use force on you.


We all know that there is not getting away from a domme's wrath. Either accept the consequences or simply walk away from the relationship. But as a slave why would you walk away from something good if you know you did something wrong that would merit punishment? If the punishment is a hard limit, then remind your mistress of your limits. Negotiate. I always think that everything can be resolved with proper communication and negotiate to meeting half way. If all things fail, then get out of that D/s relationship. 


Forced feminization stories are full of lessons for the subs/slaves. Always trust your mistress, evil and sadistic they may be but they still have your best interest at heart. Just like my slave saw humiliation as a means to keep himself grounded. Being a sissy is emasculating however it does not make you much less of a man. This is why most of the male slaves are executives, they want to relinquish control over to someone to keep them grounded. Somehow it gives them respite from all the responsibilities of being the typical alpha male figure. After the play session they feel calmer and more normal, sane.


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