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My sissy transformation journal - by Mystic Marcia

Having watched “Sissy Cuckold Transformation” on I was so sexually excited. I watched repeatedly and one evening I played with myself so many times that I could not ejaculate any more and yet I still continued to try and cum again to no avail. So many feelings and deeply buried emotions were aroused inside me once again and brought to the surface. I deleted all my internet history so many times. I really tried to abstain and ignore my thoughts and feelings. This time I could not refrain from watching more and more about sissy transformations.


I adored the way sissy girls looked. Some far better than others of course; but in general, put any male into female clothing and with the right clothing and accessories it would turn me on. That began to question if I was Bi; Gay or just interested. Quite obviously I was most likely bi.


Then I began wanting to be taken by a woman and enact what had occurred in that video previously mentioned. Yet another change began to take place.

I began to think of how lucky that female was to be able to have so many men pound and abuse her and cum all over her face / hair / body and cream all her holes and how her cuckold male lover was made to slurp all that mess up.

It was even more sexually exciting watching him begin to enjoy sucking cocks; taking cum into his mouth; being forced to swallow cum and do other things like licking asses etc. Wow what a turn on. If I was here I could have all of that!

I mind went into overload.


In the past I had suppressed these feelings as I was scared of rejection by family and friends. Recently I decided to venture out and discover for once and for all what I really liked.


I searched the internet and stumbled upon a couple of sites. Once of which was I read several times; looked at the prices and knew I could not afford it. Despite that I wanted this so much I could no longer resist. I spoke to Nicole who was very polite and correct with me when calling. She politely explained my options and then left me to it. Eventually I plucked up courage and booked a meet. Without saying to much I loved and thoroughly enjoyed ever moment of my sissy transformation that day. Later I got to suck my very first cock and I was so wanting more cocks and to suck on warm hot sticky loads of cum; but that was not to be today.


I soon discovered that Mistress knew what turned me on. What I craved. I thought by misbehaving I would be punished. “Yes, you will be punished “ Mistress explained. She went on to say that punishment would be administered not in the way I might expect it. I was somewhat curious and did not quite understand what I was being told. “I don’t tolerate brats, nor do I tolerate misbehaving or any disrespect. Do I make myself clear?” she extorted. I began to realise that this was serious and this was no longer a joke. “If you continue our relationship will be terminated; and while in my company you will always say yes and please and thank you and greet me as your Mistress.” She went on to explain that when I was tied and spanked I was being rewarded for good behaviour. I know that I want to serve my Mistress and would not risk loosing this relationship under any circumstances because it is what I desire. What fool would risk loosing gold that he just discovered?  I know I will also have to show the upmost respect to my Mistress. I need to be more attentive to her needs.

Now I knew what I wanted in life. I want to become a full time live in sissy maid and worship my Mistress.


Within a few days of our meeting I had my eyebrows waxed to give me a more feminine look. I have had a pedicure. Manicure is booked; and as I write this article I know I want to have false nails. The hairdresser gave my hair tints of colour and a very small trim to encourage growth. My next appointment is in 8 weeks time. I booked an appointment to see my local doctor and my company doctor too.


I knew I wanted to become a woman. How would I tell others around me... I did not know. It would have to be done with care and consideration for others and yet I would have to risk humiliation and rejection; yet I knew this is the path I had always wanted.

I shared the gossip with my Niece and later informed my daughter too.  Then I went on a shopping spree and purchased a few girly items. Leggings; one top; one glitter dress; one coat; a handbag and a purse. I was really. so very excited.

I could not contain myself and on the way home I asked my girlfriend to be with me so that I could inform my mother about my feelings and emotions.

The journey has begun ......




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