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01 October 2018


Returned from being with my Mistress in London. Times was 05:30 and I was just so excited having been tied up and spanked. Wanted even more but knew I had tasks to complete before Mistress might permit me another visit.


Read a little on raw vegan food. Made a smoothie which was just so yummy.

2xBanana 1xAvocada 2x mugs of Blueberries Water to taste. All in Viatmix Blender and hey presto your smoothie was ready. Superb and creamy texture.

I gave it a 5 star rating.


O2 October 2018

Hair appointment booked for 09:00 My hairdresser was a lady called E.

Learnt about the importance of using a good shampoo with Keratin to maintain and promote hair growth. It was also explained about when using conditioner to coat the tips of your hair not the roots. Bought shampoo as recommended by my stylist too. I wanted a bob but my hair is short at present. Plan to have a small trim late November. This should give me 8 weeks with which to grow my hair. Really can not grow fast enough! Really just so excited at moving towards my ultimate goal of looking more and more like a woman each day.


04 October 2018

My laptop was finally loaded with software and ready for collection. Just so pleased that I would soon be in contact with new friends. Love being with people and enjoying life. Had felt isolated and out of control without access to various websites.


Went shopping with a good friend in Swindon; it was nice to have a day out in a new part of the country. Purchased 2 tops, full length winter coat (so warm and great shape as contoured my body), a small shoulder back before returning home. Could hardly wait to get on and try them all on for a while. I informed Mistress what I had done and she seemed happy with what I had done. I love to please my Mistress.


Returning home I asked my friend to accompany me home. My intention was first to tell my mother about my wanting to live life as a woman full time.

I knew if I told her then all my family and relatives would know within a few hours. “Mums the word” .... Not in our house. I knew Mum would phone all within a few hours. In many ways this seemed the easiest way to go. Just like water gaining momentum as it builds into a flood; mum without much prompting had told everyone in less than 24 hours. 


05 October 2018

Felt really good about myself and happy with progress made so far. This was the first time that I dressed girly and went out alone. Had my eyebrows waxed for a more feminine look. A little discomfort but well worth it as I really felt it gave me a softer look. So pleased with this development.


Decided to pluck up courage and asked for a pedicure. Nails now painted a Winter Red so nice a colour. Love my feet. Must moisturise more though.


Kept wanting to have breasts. My hands keep feeling my body as if by magic I would have breasts that I could be proud of. In my dreams I would love to be 40 D or DD. That may not happen unless I had implants. I just so want a nice pair of breasts to look and feel complete in my Trans Gender Woman’s body.


Not sure where this was all leading but I felt I wanted to be a woman every minute of every day. I wanted to become a full time woman / sissy girl.


Some members of my family thought I wanted to cross dress only. Others thought I wanted to be a drag queen. I soon had to put them right. I simply wanted to become a woman full time. I no longer wanted to look like or feel like a man again.


My children are overseas and my daughter did cry a lot when she heard what I wanted to do. She wanted her Dad to remain a dad. This somewhat hurt me too but I just knew I could not go back. I felt so much better as a woman. Eventually my daughter accepted my decision and respected me for my choice; though she would dearly love me to remain as a man (for me this was simply no longer an option).


06 October 2018

Had a very frank and open conversation with one of my sisters (K) and her husband (P


) while having breakfast together with mum. The atmosphere was extremely tense to begin and it made the whole affair very uncomfortable.

I decided to break the ice by saying that I would far prefer people said what they thought to me direct so that we could have an open and adult conversation about any issues that might arise my from being a Trans Gender Woman. The atmosphere did improve over time. They left saying they would support me; although I later discovered they thought it was “disgusting and did not approve of me”. I took the comments as being honest. This was a lot easier to accept because I have to live my life; and I felt comfortable with my choices.

The problem was theirs not mine. My thinking was that they might gradually accept me over time. I felt much stronger in my own mind. This was never going to be an easy transition.


07 October 2018



I went girly shopping alone. Having a very limited time I managed to purchase a tartan skirt, lovely black jumper, and a glitter choker along with skin coloured tights. This would be the outfit I would wear to visit my doctor to inform her of my decision to finally transition to a woman. I felt excited and a little anxious.

I just wanted to be treated with dignity.


The journey continues

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